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      Terms of Service

      Mitsubishi.com (hereinafter called the "Website") is a portal site of the Mitsubishi companies. The Website is operated by the Mitsubishi.com Committee (hereinafter called the "Committee"), which was established by the 28 member companies of the Mitsubishi Kinyokai.
      Please read these Terms of Service in their entirety prior to accessing this Website. In order to access this Website, you must agree to all provisions of these Terms of Service.
      The Committee may update the contents of this Website and these Terms of Service from time to time without notice to you. Therefore, please review the most updated version of these Terms of Service prior to each time you access this Website.

      If you would like to create a link to the mitsubishi.com website, please click to here to apply.

      Provision Of Service and Information

      You agree that all of the information on this Website is protected by applicable intellectual property rights and other laws. You should not use (e.g., copy, reproduce, modify, transmit, distribute, license, sell or publish) information from this Website or upload or post notices to this Website other than for private use or as is permitted under the law.
      The copyrights with respect to any and all information that you download are reserved by the Committee. You cannot download information from this Website without consenting to these Terms of Service. The Committee makes no warranty as to any loss arising from the unauthorized use of this Website.
      This Website may include links to the website operated by the Committee and to other websites operated by Mitsubishi related companies. You must agree with the terms of service of such websites in order to access such websites. The Committee is not responsible for any content available from such websites and is not liable for any damage caused by using such websites.


      You agree not to use this Website:

      1. to infringe, or threaten to infringe, the property or the privacy of the Committee or any other party;
      2. to infringe any copyright of the Committee or any other party;
      3. to harm or damage, or threaten to harm or damage, the Committee or any other party;
      4. to violate, or threaten to violate, public policy;
      5. to break, or threaten to break, any applicable law or induce, or threaten to induce, a third party to break any applicable law;
      6. to impersonate others, make a false application, or make a false entry;
      7. to conduct business activities or any business for the purpose of making profits without the consent of the Committee;
      8. to make available, or threaten to make available, software that is contaminatedby viruses, etc.; and
      9. to violate, or threaten to violate, any other applicable laws and regulations.

      If you violate any of the above rules, the Committee shall have the right (but not the obligation) to prohibit you from using this Website in the future.

      Proposing Materials, Expressing Opinions

      As a general rule, the Committee asks you to refrain from suggesting original ideas or submitting proposals (including ideas, notes, drawings, concepts, etc. of new products, new technologies, designs or marketing concepts) or materials which were not requested by us. The aim of this rule is to prevent future conflicts that could arise as a result of the Committee or any Mitsubishi related company introducing a service or software in the future that is similar to something suggested by you. If the Committee does ask you for any good ideas, documents or creations, the ownership of such ideas, documents or creations shall be deemed transferred to the Committee or a Mitsubishi related company upon the submission of such idea, document or creation. The Committee has no responsibility to keep such a submission secret. The Committee shall have exclusive title to such ideas, documents and creations. If the Committee or a Mitsubishi related company adopts such an idea, document or creation, the Committee and the Mitsubishi related companies shall be under no obligation to compensate the supplier of such idea, document or creation.

      Search Service, Directory Service

      The Committee and/or Mitsubishi related companies have no liability for information in the search index or in the directory of this Website. Since neither the Committee nor any Mitsubishi related company has any control over such sites and resources, you must assume all of the risks of using third parties' sites and resources.

      Privacy Policy

      1. Private information

        In consideration of your use of the Inquiries, the Committee may ask you to input your name, E-mail address, or other private information. Such private information is necessary for your identification and reference when you use the Inquiries. The Committee shall not disclose such private information to third parties without your consent. Nevertheless, the Committee may allow Mitsubishi related companies to know your private information without your consent when you make use of this Website, but we will never intentionally disclose your private information to others. The Committee shall not be liable for any loss arising from the place designated for registering information outside of this Website. This policy shall not apply to private information that is disclosed in order to conform to applicable laws and regulations.

      2. IP Address Collections and Use

        The Committee collects IP Addresses so as to manage this Website and to investigate how this Website is being used. The Committee may not collate registered IP Addresses with private information except for turning out identification from IP Addresses that is used to protect this Website, the Committee's rights or the other users' rights or that is used to enforce these Terms of Service.

      Disclaimer of Warranties

      This Website may include some mistakes or typographical errors. The Committee makes no guarantees as to accuracy or completeness and gives no advice, opinion, representation or warranty as to any of the materials contained in this Website. You agree that you will use any and all opinions, advice, declarations and information that you receive from this Website at your own risk. You further agree that the Committee retains the right to revise or amend the content of this Website in its sole discretion.
      The Committee and the Mitsubishi related companies make no representation as to the suitability, reliability, usability or accuracy of any information, software, services or relative graphics on this Website. This Websites' information, software, services and relative graphics are provided "AS IS" and without any kind of warranty. The Committee and the Mitsubishi related companies shall not be liable for any loss resulting from your use of this Website, linking to other websites, related software, services or relative graphics, your being unable to use this Website or related software, services or relative graphics or your being unable to link to other websites or any loss arising therefrom.
      The Committee and the Mitsubishi related companies shall not be responsible for any loss even if the possibility of damages is notified to us in advance.

      Governing Law and Jurisdiction

      Unless otherwise specified, these Terms of Service shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan. You hereby consent to jurisdiction and venue in the Tokyo District Court sitting in Japan unless otherwise provided.