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      Trends & Future Possibilities
      in the Logistics Industry

      With increasing globalization, today’s mission for logistics, the lifeblood of our economies, is to optimize corporate activities across the world in a smooth and waste-free manner. Recently, a large number of business models using AI have been created in the automation and optimal deployment of transport arrangements, and have even been adapted to rigorous temperature control and cross-cultural practices. In the logistics business, Mitsubishi companies are being selected for the reliability of their world-bridging services.

      Mitsubishi Logistics

      Halal Certification for Distribution Center and Land Transport

      Halal Certification for Distribution Center and Land Transport
      MM2100 Distribution Center
      Halal-compliant MM2100 Distribution Center, Jakarta

      Halal Certification for Distribution Center and Land Transport
      Halal-compliant low temperature delivery truck

      Mitsubishi Logistics subsidiaries PT. Mitsubishi Logistics Indonesia and DIA-JAYA FORWARDING INDONESIA have acquired Halal Assurance System certification from the Lembaga Pengkajian Pangan Obat obatan dan Kosmetika Majelis Ulama Indonesia (LPPOM MUI; the Indonesia Ulama Council Assessment Institute for Food, Medicines and Cosmetics). The two companies currently offer temperature- controlled foodstuff logistics services from their MM2100 Distribution Center base on the outskirts of Jakarta. The acquisition of Halal certification covering warehousing and land transportation now makes it possible for the two companies to offer Halal-compliant cold chain services in Indonesia, which has a large Muslim population.


      New Logistics Support Service Helps Solve Complex Challenges

      New Logistics Support Service Helps Solve Complex Challenges

      Yusen Logistics, an NYK Group company, has begun offering customers a new service to help solve complex logistics problems. The new logistics support service utilizes a database of six functions to provide information on Harmonized System code tariff classifications, the latest tariff rates, and rules of origin. Yusen Logistics thus offers a comprehensive supply chain diagnostic service that generates total procurement cost estimates and forward-looking cost analysis — transport costs, tariffs and insurance premiums included — and also provides market information to help streamline the whole process. As a business partner thoroughly acquainted with the latest economic partnership network and trade policies, Yusen Logistics is able to provide integrated supply chain management support in all areas, from helping to solve logistics issues to actual logistics arrangements.

      Mitsubishi Shokuhin

      Latest Low Temperature Food Distribution Center Opened

      Latest Low Temperature Food Distribution Center Opened
      Multi-shuttle system in the refrigeration zone: automatically sorts shipments by destination and weight, eliminating the need for operatives and raising productivity.
      Exterior of the Yokohama Kanazawa Low-Temperature Distribution Center

      Left / Spiral conveyor
      Right / Automated labelling robot

      Amid growing market needs relating to frozen foods, in November 2018 Mitsubishi Shokuhin opened its latest low temperature food distribution center, the Yokohama Kanazawa Low-Temperature Distribution Center. Incorporating the industry’s first multi-shuttle system which improves storage efficiency by making effective use of space in refrigeration zones, and with the installation of automated sorting and labelling equipment, the new facility reduces the burden on staff who work in the refrigeration zones. The new facility makes for a sustainable logistics center which creates a people-friendly work environment and also increases logistics capabilities. As well as seeing a three-fold increase in shipment rates over the old facility, the new distribution center contributes to reduced storage-in-transit costs.

      Mitsubishi Estate

      Multi-tenant Logistics Facility Completed

      >Multi-tenant Logistics Facility Completed
      Left/ Exterior
      Right/ Access aisles inside the warehouse

      >Multi-tenant Logistics Facility Completed
      Left/ Entrance lounge
      Right/ Comfort lounge

      Mitsubishi Estate developed the Logicross Nagoya Kasadera, an 80,600m2, 4-story multitenant logistics center in Minami-ku, Nagoya, which was completed in January 2019. Being within walking distance of two local train stations makes Logicross advantageously placed for workforce recruitment, and excellent access to main roads and expressways gives it high potential as a widearea distribution center for the Chubu region. It also enjoys outstanding versatility thanks to the latest in logistics facility features: a floor load capacity of 1.5t/m2, a practical minimum ceiling height of 5.5m, a minimum column span of 10m and LED lighting in all areas, in addition to a rampway that allows vehicle access to warehouse areas on each level.